How This Works

Attention scores

We start by scraping the most popular mainstream outlets across the spectrum to collect all the stories of the day. We then give each story a score based on how prominent it is on the page. Articles at the top of the page receive a higher prominence score than articles further down.
We believe this is a meaningful signal of the emphasis each outlet is giving (or not giving) to major stories.


Topic three
All stories are then grouped into topics based on their content. We use a combination of natural language processing and human curation to ensure that the topics are meaningful and accurate. All topics are then ranked by their average prominence score, normalized across the left, right and center. This presents a novel, consistent context for a divided, fractured, and hyper-personalized world.
We present these topics with a summary of perspectives from across the political spectrum. This allows you to easily see how the Right, Left, and Center are reporting on a particular issue. We also pair this with data on how the various sides have been covering the topic, what sort of biases are in play, and how the topic has evolved over time.
We believe this view will provide a distilled yet meaningful summary of a major topic. It will help expose you to news that may exist outside your particular flavor of filter bubble, and highlight any biases in play on all sides.
This is your unfiltered, efficient, and comprehensive source of news.

Media bias ratings

Clarity tracks the most popular mainstream outlets across the spectrum. These sources comprise the majority of political readership in America.
Our ratings are determined by the average rating of three news monitoring organizations: All Sides, Ad Fontes Media, and Media Bias Fact Check. These organizations use a variety of methods, such as editorial reviews, blind bias surveys, independent reviews, and third party research, to assess the bias and factuality of news sources. The ratings from these organizations are combined to provide a comprehensive analysis.
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