🇺🇦🇷🇺💣 Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Russia is increasing its influence in Africa, Ukraine seeks aid and military advantage against Russia, and a Putin ally is accused of a heinous crime.

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  • Focus on Ukraine's need for more aid and support
  • Highlight Russia's attempts to tighten its grip in Africa
  • Concerns about arrival of US soldiers in Armenia
  • Ukraine's struggle to keep up with shell supplies
  • Dismissal of Ukraine's deputy defense ministers
  • Exploring strategies to wage financial war against Russia's economy


  • Ukraine facing challenges due to bad weather
  • Race for gains before weather conditions worsen
  • Questioning if Ukraine has made significant progress
  • Reports of Ukraine's drone strikes on Crimea and Moscow
  • Arrival of grain ships in Ukraine using new route


  • Ukraine seizing advantage and making gains
  • Emphasis on talks of more military aid for Ukraine
  • Russia reeling after missile strikes on its warships
  • Accusations against Putin ally and Chechen warlord
  • Highlighting Ukraine's drone strikes on Crimea and Moscow


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