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  • A NYC professor is being investigated and lost his job after allegedly chasing Post staffers with a machete.
  • A Republican state senator joined Democrats to defeat a bill that would have banned gender transitions for minors.
  • A Christian student is fighting back after being forced by a professor to fund Planned Parenthood.
  • Democrats are facing criticism for their approach to parents' rights.
  • Frustrations are growing as President Biden delays a decision on the basing of Space Command.

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  • Focused on issues of education and diversity, highlighting challenges for marginalized groups
  • Concerned about restriction of free speech and expression in schools


  • Focused on issues of diversity and inclusion, but on potential consequences of affirmative action policies
  • Concerned about impact of political polarization on education


  • Focused on issues of individual rights and religious freedom, highlighting perceived overreach of government and educational institutions
  • Concerned about influence of progressive ideology in schools


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