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  • The US job market is expected to remain resilient with historically low unemployment, but slower job and wage gains are expected in May, while the disappearance of "back-up careers" and the return to in-person work are also topics of discussion.
  • Additionally, an article discusses how to identify micromanagers during interviews.

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  • Focusing on return to in-person work and impact on office workers
  • Highlighting popularity of pottery workshops as way to connect with others
  • Providing work advice on how to identify micromanagers in interviews


  • Focusing on expected job report and unemployment rates
  • Discussing disappearance of 'back-up careers'
  • Highlighting impact of bosses' kids in workplace
  • Discussing high rate of LGBTQ+ workers quitting their jobs
  • Providing insight into expected slower job and wage gains in May


  • Focusing on personal story of someone who makes good salary with unlimited breaks at 'lazy girl' job
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