🇨🇳🇭🇳🇹🇼 Tensions over Honduras-China-Taiwan relations

  • The US military is training for war on a Pacific island with nuclear history.
  • China has established diplomatic ties with Honduras, leading to Taiwan's criticism of monetary demands.
  • Honduras has dropped Taiwan and established ties with China.
  • Taiwan's top US envoy suggests that Xi's meeting with Putin indicates a desire to use force.
  • "Tetris" is a Cold War thriller about the fight over the video game.

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  • Focusing on impact of Cold War on popular culture, such as video games
  • Also highlighting changing nature of Cold War with China


  • Providing mix of news on establishment of ties between Honduras and China, as well as Taiwan's response to situation


  • Focusing on China's aggressive tactics, such as using monetary demands to establish ties with Honduras
  • Also highlighting potential for China to use force in its dealings with Taiwan


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