💰🏦🌉 Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse has raised concerns about the dangers facing small banks, with accusations of hypocrisy and threats of legal action clouding the tech industry, while Yellen assures Chinese customers they will receive money from a US fund.

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  • Focusing on collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and potential blame could be placed on Washington
  • Highlighting impact of bank's collapse on black founders and tech industry
  • Also drawing attention to involvement of Kyrsten Sinema in bank's collapse


  • Focusing on bankruptcy protection filed by SVB Financial
  • Also highlighting impact of higher rates on banks and need for J. Pierpont Morgan-like figure in Silicon Valley
  • Drawing attention to Biden's call for action on failed bank executives' pay


  • Focusing on Janet Yellen and dangers facing small banks
  • Also highlighting failure of 'woke' Frisco Fed chief to recognize warning signs
  • Drawing attention to involvement of Gavin Newsom in bank's bailout


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